The Tapestry

A Musician's Story of Adoption and Redemption



a musician's story of adoption and redemption

The Tapestry is a wonderful story that sheds light on the power and importance of adoption and that inspires audiences for any fundraising event.

—Addie D. Williams
President & CEO, Spaulding for Children

The best stories are the ones that are true. And if someone told you this story, you would say, 'You can't write this stuff!' Well you can, and in The Tapestry they have!

—Joey Travolta
Founder, Inclusion Films

The Tapestry project is a beautiful demonstration of what can be done when incredible musicianship, creativity, and social purpose are brought together in one personal story. It is a privilege to work with the Strubler family.

—Caen Thomason-Redus
Director of Community and Learning, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The Tapestry: A Musician's Journey is one of the most touching documentaries on adoption-reunion I have seen in some time – a beautiful story from Detroit.

—Rich Homberg
President & CEO, Detroit Public Television

The Tapestry is a heartfelt story of grace and redemption that transcends culture, time and space.

—Loren Siffring, M.D.
Pastor, Author, Artist, Physician